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Unveiling the 7 Cities of Revelation

  • What Each City Name Means.
  • How all Prophecy fits into the pattern laid out by the 7 Cities.

The 4th of the 7 cities is Thyatira, whose name can mean, "Taking away of the sacrifice."  It will be in the 4th of the 7 years Daniel discussed when the sacrifice will be taken away.  This is not a coincidence; Everything in prophecy fits the pattern outlined by the meaning of the 7 city names.  This book explores many other similar connections.

  • All of Revelation is outlined by the meaning of the 7 City names. 
  • 19 of 27 books in the New Testament are thematically outlined by it.
  • Many prophetic passages in Isaiah, Zechariah, Daniel, Joel and others are too!!!

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The 42 Journey Pattern of Our Spiritual Growth and Prophecy

This book decodes the symbolic meaning of Israel's wilderness journey, explaining how it parallels our own spiritual growth.

Have you ever had trouble telling people where IN TORAH it foretells the coming of the Messiah, His death, atonement, 3 days in the grave, and so forth? Well yes, it is in there. And you'll read in astonishment as you find out for the first time exactly how to show people where in Torah this appears.

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The Hebrew Pages of the New Testament

  • Complete Hebrew texts of Munster's Hebrews, Matthew, DuTillet's Matthew, Shem Tov's Matthew, an English translation of each, compared side-by-side.
  • Analysis of each.
  • A look at Hebrew thought in the New Testament.
  • The PATTERN in Hebrews that proves it is the original version.

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The Creative Forces

This examines how the Creative Forces used to create our world are symbolized in the Holy Language of Hebrew in the poetic use of the letters in scripture. In numerous places in the Psalms, Lamentations, and Proverbs, the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are used poetically , and every time they are, they are also connected with content that those letters represent.

The Hebrew language has a design to it such that the meaning of each word can be seen in the meaning of each of the individual letters.  This book shows how that design is structured.