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This is the Messiah Alive home page for Yoseph Viel, celebrating the Life, death and Resurrection of our Messiah and Savior.


The 7 Cities of Revelation

Hebrew Thought in the New Testament

The Evil Tongue and Isaac Newton

- What each city name means
- How all of prophecy will fit into the meaning of each name
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Click here for examples of how the New Testament makes more sense when you think about how it would be expressed in Hebrew. How the world ALMOST missed out on Newton's best science contributions due to the evil tongue.
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More Detail

The 42 Journey Pattern of Our Spiritual Growth and Prophecy
How Israel's Wilderness Journey symbolizes how we grow spiritually and foretells some prophecy issues. 

The Creative Forces - How God has revealed the symbolic meaning of the forces of creation through the letters of the Hebrew Language, as demonstrated in scripture. This teaching is available in printed form, via soft-bound covering. Click here to order the book.

    1. Symbolism in Scriptures

The 4 Winds

A Midrash on Ruth

Who is the Bride of Messiah?

What does East, North, West and South symbolize?

Is it possible only some believers will be part of the marriage bride? Who are the "guests" at the wedding feast? Click here to find out.

The Divine Name

The Mystery of the Divine Name (video) .

  • Pronouce the Divine Name one way and it means, "He Who Is". 
  • Pronounce it another way and it means, "He Who Causes To Be". 

There's multiple ways to say it that mean multiple things; not just one pronunciation.  Pronouncing the Divine Name is not lost to all time, but there are very good reasons Judaism quit saying the Name of which most people aren't aware. This lesson explores the Name, its pronunciation, and why it isn't spoken anymore, even though we know numerous ways to do so.

The Names of God
A look at God's different names in scripture (El, Elohim, Eloah, El Shaddai, etc), what they mean, how they relate, according to Jewish tradition.

The Powers.
Early believers read the Hebrew word "Elohim" as meaning "The Powers", refering to the Godhead. This post details how the terminology evolved , why this terminology got lost in time, and how scripture is understood in light of knowledge of the earliest terminology detailed in the writings of Philo (c20-40AD) as well as early believers in our Savior on how they interpretted this word.

3. Prophecy

Prophecies in Passover.
What Jewish Passover customs say about the future.

Will there be a rapture? Pre-trib? other? Read what the earliest writers in history said about it.

4. Lessons from History

  • The Evolution of the Spring Feasts. Why does the gentile church no longer celebrate Passover when it was celebrated widespreadly among the early believers? How did the Spring customs change over time?
  • The Resurrection Week. How the events unfolded.
  • A Biblical Timeline of History. How old is the earth? How much time passed from Adam to the Gospel period? Many of these issues are dealt with from as much evidence as the scriptures provide us.

5. Apologetics

  • The Virgin Birth - Those who believe the Messiah was born 2000 years ago to a virgin and those who don't have debated what the words used by the prophet Isaiah mean. In this post, I trace through some ancient writings of both Judaism (in the Mishnah, Gemara) and early Church Pioneers to demonstrate how this word was understood in ancient times.
  • 2 Lifetimes - Some say that because our Savior died before fulfilling all prophecies of the Messiah, that it invalidates him as the Messiah. BUT we find that there are still unfulfilled prophecies about king David, and that King David will have to be raised from the dead before some of the prophecies about him can be fulfilled. Read more here.
  • Pre-Gospel Essenes were expecting a Divine Messiah. Anti-missionaries who claim that the idea of the Messiah being God in the flesh is not a Jewish concept should read 11Q13 from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

7. The Calendar

7. Miscellaneous

8. Textual and Linguistic Studies